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Vranduk Fortress

For six centuries known as the hardest part of Bosnia, the gate of Bosnia, Vranduk represents one of many medieval Bosnian towns with intensive political, economic and cultural life.

Vranduk is composed of a citadel with the main tower and protective wall, surrounding the interior of the medieval town.

The Old town (fortress) Vranduk was a piece of royal land where bosnian kings Ostoja and Tvrtko II Tvrtkovic dwelled and there are also some traditional stories that the queen Katarina used to visit the place.

Vranduk had got a crafting and tradeing settlement on the spot where the village Varosiste is placed nowdays (3 kilometres downstream from Vranduk).

During the long Ottoman ruler, The Royal City of Vranduk become a great military-tactical spot. Sultan Mehmed-Fatih built a mosque in the immediate vicinity of the Vranduk fortress.

At the beginning of the Austrian-Hungarian rule small military unite had been stationed over this area, until 1890 when Vranduk was abandoned.Almost, whole 20th century, Vranduk has been defying with its strenght and natural beauty keeping from oblivion its rich past.

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